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Titans Realtor is a reputed and well-known real estate consultant company, for providing vast choices in Residential and Commercial properties of renowned builders in Gurugram, Noida, Pune, Patna, Bangalore and Lucknow. Our motive is to provide the customers with comprehensive assistance in making smart & prudent decisions. Continuing our legacy of innovation, we have achieved new milestones with every connation.

GHD Infra Developers are in development since 2006, capturing the maximum opportunity offered by the growing Real Estate markets in India. The Group prides itself on its integrity, quality and fabulous workmanship. Apart from that the company is strategically planning its construction activities through by various Joint Ventures and Consortium with construction and hospitality giants. is an online travel search agency and travel engine for the best hotels in Goa. It aggregates and compare real-time travel information, prices and availability for hotels availability. We value the Time and Money of our customers. We provide the best deals and hassle free bookings.

GHD Hotels is a dynamic hospitality powerhouse with a diverse portfolio. Our aim is to provide a reliable and consistent level of great hospitality across regions at a wide range of price points. In building hotels from the ground up or converting existing hotels, we invite you to join this revolution.

All your dreams in one place, The GHD Group. Why choose us?

  • In the market Since 2006, GHD Group has been thriving in the real estate sector
  • 500+ Satisfied Clients
  • Best consultation to succour you buy the finest property in Goa
  • The only company in Goa that shares on-time monthly returns to the investors
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable projects with exemplary quality in construction

Mr. Bharat Thakran, the man behind GHD Group, has a vision of bringing luxurious lifestyle at an affordable price to everyone. “To improve the quality of life with Trust”, is our motto.

We at GHD group provide you the best consultation to channel your savings, to get the best real estate deals and to plan a trip to Goa Yes, we have it all!

You deserve an opulent life and the GHD group is a low-hanging fruit. The demand of our customers motivates us as a business to take on new challenges. We, the GHD group, have always strived for client satisfaction and happiness. We have challenged ourselves to provide an unexampled luxurious lifestyle a common man would only have dreamt of. All our investors are assertive of timely returns which makes them a part of our regular investment portfolio.


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GHD GROUP is a Service & Construction Company, headquartered in GOA, comprising 4 companies across four business verticals.

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